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The Future of Finance:
The LSE Report

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Preface Richard Layard

Chapter 1: What do banks do? Why do credit booms and busts occur and what can public policy do about it?
Adair Turner

Chapter 2: What is the contribution of the financial sector: Miracle or mirage?
Andrew Haldane, Simon Brennan and Vasileios Madouros

Chapter 3: Why are financial markets so inefficient and exploitative – and a suggested remedy
Paul Woolley

Chapter 4: What mix of monetary policy and regulation is best for stabilising the economy?
Sushil Wadhwani

Chapter 5: How should we regulate the financial sector?
Charles Goodhart

Chapter 6: Can we identify bubbles and stabilise the system?
Andrew Smithers

Chapter 7: What framework is best for systemic (macroprudential) policy?
Andrew Large

Chapter 8: Should we have “narrow banking”?
John Kay

Chapter 9: Why and how should we regulate pay in the financial sector?
Martin Wolf

Chapter 10: Will the politics of global moral hazard sink us again?
Peter Boone and Simon Johnson